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Monday, May 5, 2008

Gas Prices Lower Only 2 Blocks Away?

Ever wonder why gas prices are different only two blocks away? I mean its the same city...shouldn't gas be the same price?

There are some reasons why this is so.

The nicer the neighbourhood, the more expensive gas may be since the owner of the station has to pay more for overheads due to steep property and land taxes. Also people in nicer neighborhoods are less sensitive to prices so they can afford to charge more for gas even if its just a few more cents.

Gas stations near the interstate can be more costly since there are more impulse buyers who will buy gas once they spot a gas station from the highway. If you go a bit off the interstate you would find that gas is much cheaper.

Gas stations that offer repair services generally charge more for gas.

A very helpful website that you can check to guage the price of gas at different gas stations throughout the US and Canada is

The website offers real time info and listings on where to find the cheapest gas so its a good idea to check this website first and shop around for the cheapest prices.

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