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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Use Less Gas - 7 Tips

When you use less gas this means less trips to the pumps which in turn means you spend less money on fuel. With the way gas prices has been rising, its absolutely essential that you find ways of using less gas.

Here are some tips:

  1. Before you leave home, check the internet. Websites like and GasPriceWatch give you up to date gas prices at gas stations in your area and the difference can be as much as 10 cents which is a very significant savings.

  2. Move light - clean out the trunk of your car. Stuff that you don't need should be left at home because the junk in your trunk isn't helping your fuel economy.

  3. Check your tire pressure and make sure its properly inflated. Every 3 pounds under the recommended pressure your fuel efficiency drops by 1%.

  4. Have regular tune ups. A car in good shape will perform with better fuel efficiency.

  5. Drive at a steady pace. Erratic acceleration will cost your more fuel.

  6. Buy low octane - regular unleaded fuel is good enough unless you have a high performance vehicle.

  7. Pay with a credit card if you are getting back a rebate. Some places give you a gas card which could help you save on gas as well
Every little bit counts and every gallon of gas you save means significant savings for you so make sure you follow tips 1 to 7 so you can use less gas.

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