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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hydro 4000 - The Solution To High Gas Prices?

It works with water and comes with a $1200 price tag but can the Hydro 4000 save the world from high gas prices?

Although the technology is nothing new this device was recently featured on an NBC news affiliate and tested to see what it can really do.

The results of the test was amazing - the Hydro 4000 help increase gas mileage by a whopping 61% from 9 mpg to an amazing 21 mpg.

The way it works is explained in the video below of the news story that was featured on NBC.

The video also features:
  • The tests that were done with the Hydro 4000
  • How the technology works
  • The results of the test
  • Why you waste 15% of the gas you pay for everytime you drive
  • How the Hydro 4000 can help improve fuel efficiency and keep the environment clean.

Well it works and could be a real solution to rising gas prices. But $1200? Is there anything else?

Cheaper Alternatives to the Hydro 4000

Like I said the technology is nothing new and similar devices are being used which cost much less than the Hydro 4000...much, much less.

For over a year now persons have been hearing of these hydrogen conversion kits via Water4Gas.com which sells the plans to make a similar device. The plans cost less than $100 and are very simple to follow and use. You can find the material at any hardware store for $50 - $100 and you don't have to be a mechanic to put together the device but would help if you knew one.

There are also other sites that sell similar plans and I recommend going with DriveWaterForFuel.com because its more affordable and just about the same as the Water4Gas plans.

At least if it saves you $1000, its better than getting the Hydro 4000 and having to wait for a year to get back your savings.

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